faded smiles


everyday can be a good start, or an end.

smiles faded from the lost in spirit.  

About cally

don't be cruel. smell the light. read the music. feel the green.

4 responses to “faded smiles”

  1. john says :

    but still a fresh green leave born.
    it’s what happens before rejuvenation.

  2. cally says :

    yes…that was why i took the pic😉 and with the light..so beautiful.
    and how r u these days? any new works?

  3. annisa says :

    ‘Live as if you were to die tomorrow, learn if you were to live forever’ (Gandhi) –

  4. john says :

    How am I these day?
    I ‘m rethinking about what really my work should be.
    An image alone may not be a work. it’s just like a musical score. To be capable to perform, a print should be the final product. I’m now gathering information of how to made a decent print recently…..so no new images🙂



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