The Truth of the Society of Truth and Light

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9 responses to “The Truth of the Society of Truth and Light”

  1. 小奧 says :

    part 3 最精采簡單的一段

  2. cally says :


  3. Galileo says :

    Originally released as a television broadcast on 4 December 2005.

  4. yuenyan says :


  5. cally says :

    是的,是2005年的製作,情況卻沒有改,明光社成功投得政府project ,還可以投訴、反對,但若明光社跟民建聯合作,唉…..就更叫人擔心。

  6. Galileo says :

    應該慶幸遇過的老師還會為六四滿腔義憤, 但公司附近的香港中學, 實在不敢想像. 正始馬家輝昨天一文, 他們的語言跟想法實在跟大眾不盡相同.

  7. Galileo says :

    香島中學, 真是的…

  8. Billy says :

    Although I’m a christian, I HATE stl! They’re bossy. Sometimes, what they said were just no making sense. And what makes me really angry is that they claim that they are non-religious organizations but in fact chirstianity is always linked with them and what they are selling and promoting are actually not the main focus of christianity. STL affect the image of christian! sigh…

  9. cally says :

    to billy


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