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4 responses to “Free Burma”

  1. Billy says :

    I’m doing a BSocS in East and Southeast asian studies. I’m kind of enjoy in, but, frankly, I’m more interest in cultural studies.
    One of my Prof. is a Burmese. When he is giving us the ture story about the present Burma situation, we feel so sad……. He’s just been back from Burma. As he know a lot of people who are involved in the protest, e.g. the university student, what he told us is really shocking to us, but also wide opened our eyes. Hope all the trouble can be settle soon, so that, the people in Burma can have a normal, safe life. (But seems this takes a lot of time.)

  2. cally says :

    glad to know that you are enjoying your study, and maybe you can consider to take a master couse in culture studies later 😉

    and its good to know the first-hand story about Burma, instead of being a “passive receiver", why not write down the story you heard from lecturer and let more people to know about it? wondering why hk people are so indifferent about Burma, ai….maybe you can do sth on it…

  3. pulp says :




  4. Billy says :

    Hey Cally,

    How are you?? It’s Billy. I’m now helping my school and the Swiss Consulate in an exhibition Call etre: The Face of Human Rights. It’s s really cool photo exhibition which show pictures related to human rights. I’d like to invite you to come and perhaps you could help me to do a little promotion to your students and friends. The details of the exhibition are list as the follows:

    Date : 26/11/2007-10/12/2007
    Time: 1200-2200 (Monday to Saturday)
    Closed on Sunday
    Place: The Economist Gallery,
    Fringe Club,
    2 Lower Albert Road,
    Central, Hong Kong
    Tel. no: 2521 7251
    *** ADMISSION FREE ***

    For details, please check :



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