教書生涯又展開:晚間成人top-up degree, 日間summer intensive course…又要四出尋寶,剛在youtube找到這個攝影專業、 音樂詩化有關女模特兒公仔的documentary, 真多謝製作人慷慨放上網,成為課上討論的引子。是的,do we worship women’s prefect bodies?

哈哈,這個也一定要播,聽到這句話,怎能忍得住笑,老兄失望地說 " god, i have alot of wet dreams with false images" 還有巧奪天功的digital retoucher 的心底話–" we are not PC….we are not concern about nature, we just concern how to sell the products"

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don't be cruel. smell the light. read the music. feel the green.



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