Shame on USA


謝謝Billy Ng 傳來的電郵,附上這個簡潔的image,真要 Shame on , Shame on  USA,這個滿手鮮血的以色列共犯。

今天遊行的人大概也千來人,也算不錯,最初由兩位香港大學的學生在facebook 動員,才幾天時間,很不錯了,雖然本地華人較少,但看見少數族裔的朋友都出來支持,真是好。不過,從維園到美國領使館竟也要花上差不多兩小時。而大概矛頭不是指向政府,開路的警察都較平日的輕鬆,做好示威之都的外交形象,甚至帶我和同行的lowking走回設在美國領使館前的示威區,真是相當攪笑。


“America and the European Union shamelessly joined Israel in ostracising and demonising the Hamas government and in trying to bring it down by withholding tax revenues and foreign aid. A surreal situation thus developed – where a significant part of the international community imposed economic sanctions not against the occupier but against the occupied, not against the oppressor but against the oppressed." -from Open Demomcracy, Avi Shlaim


Israel and Gaza: rhetoric and reality, from Open Democracy

Enough. Its time for a boycott from Naomi Klein

Gaza strip bombings 2008-2009 from Global Voices

If American knew–what every American need to knows about Israel and Palestine

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4 responses to “Shame on USA”

  1. Billy Ng says :


  2. cally says :

    aiya…不如你也把圖post 在你的facebook, 讓更多人看到? 你自己的blog呢? 也給我url, 讓我link 回你那裡?

  3. cally says :

    got it thx for your good works and linked😉


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