what revolt today

思想混亂,想及文字創作跟社會的關係、想及文本跟生活的關係,想及批評之後可有什麼,想及生活的燃發點是什麼,想及自由是什麼,想及「第三代」要說一個怎樣的故事,想及抗爭些什麼,想及為何不抗爭之時,看克里斯特瓦( Julia Kristeva)的《反抗的意義和非意義》(The Sense and Non-sense of Revolt) 嘗試大陸譯本(吉林出版, 2009)及英譯本(Columbia University Press,1996) 並置而看,且看,自己有多少能耐。



“——-Those devoted to old ways of thinking are keeping watch:they do not understand, or understand too well, and oppose when they do not censure. Repressive returns to systems foregrounding the needs of identity are resurfacing: nationalism, traditionalism, conservatism, fundamentalism, and so on. Thought is content to build archives: we take stock and kneel down before the relics of the past in a museumlike culture or, in the case of popular variants, in a culture of distraction. We could spend years doing this. But revolt has taken place, it has not been erased, it can be read, and it offers itself to a rootless humanity now governed by the relativism of images as well as moneary and humanitarian indifference. Nonetheless the capacity for enthusiasm, doub, and the pleasure of inquiry has perhaps not been entirely lost. This is at the heart o ultimate defense of human life: the meaning of language and the architecture of the idea  in the human mind….."(P19)





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