六四是我們這些六十後一代人的最大傷口。因為我們都在。我醒得很遲。朦朧朦朧很多年。一直很多東西哽在心裡。不知怎去用文字表達。一個文字人。不懂表達。枉為。決定用上另一種方向:live art。讓心裡的東西有一個物質基礎,負上一個物符,再加上空間的運用,讓自己在時空間跳跌和嘔吐。進入特定的空間(上海街大街及封密的大窗),加上現場意外的變數,感受很有趣。新鮮的、即時的、互動的,自我愈強,跟迎面的東西互動更強。就是這個叫抵銷反抗的演出,英文叫resisting resistance,六月五日在活化廳完成了,沒有怎去宣傳,只是一個很自我的實驗,有些東西的確湧流而出。謝謝好友丸仔的幫忙,讓我的概念成真。我知道。這只是一個開始。除了文字,我開始感應不同的窗口,不同的風景。重要的是,反而更肯定文字及藝術的表達力,不需想及什麼效果時,創作讓人自由,讓人飛行。

See Through 201006 @Woofer Ten

Resisting Resistance
by Cally Yu & Yuenjie

Ignorance was awakened by the sound of gunfire; roses were ground by the troops. I saw tears of blood; I burst into tears. I get used to silence, but I have never forgotten. I opt for remembrance, in search of a symbolic console that entangles with the consciousness of resistance. Day after day I was repressed, offset and pulled down, and gradually has become the subject of resisting power. I am countered by myself. This is possibly a bad joke, a performance with no concrete content, and more likely, the vomit of a post-60‘s born writer.

Cally Yu
A Part-time lecturer of media studies, part-time social writer and a devoted novel writer. She keeps writing columns, doing interviews and exploring the openness and dialectic links between text and the society. In this performance, she returns to her body and the deepest part of her memories, presenting in the most direct, intuitive and simplest way the re-creation of and resistance to remembrance of the June Fourth Incident.

A performance artist based in Hong Kong and also a contact improvisation and environmental improvisation dancer. He has since 1999 started his solo performance or the so-called performance art and live art. He named his body of work as ‘MARULIVEART’ which concerns about love, human being, social issues, environment and so on.

三木《命中風景》’Landscape in Life’ by Chen Shisen/Sanmu
5/6/2010, 4pm



About cally

don't be cruel. smell the light. read the music. feel the green.

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